We are VEEB, a Tasmanian based GovHack team from Launceston composed primarily of coders. Our team was formed at Launceston College within the Computer Science 3 class in order to represent Launceston College in the GovHack competition in 2019.


We've used open data around Tasmanian motorcycle crashes for the BikeBound program to calculate a percentage of crashing when driving. This data was composed by the Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources, and can be found here.


The program below asks a series of questions and calculates your percent chance of crashing using the answers to those questions. It does this by comparing the factors given by the answers to past data of previous motorcycle crashes in Tasmania. To use this program, simply click run and type your answers to the questions asked.

The BikeBound Program

BikeBound by VEEB, 2019